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Stained glass, with its beauty dependant on light, is the most interesting form of art. Stained glass without light is only a medium, a physical form of substance. It is light that brings stained glass to life. Isn't that interesting? Could we as humans exist in constant darkness? The answer is "No"! Our bodies need light as a form of energy. In its presence we feel more comfortable. When we walk into a room where light penetrates the surface of stained glass before hitting us, a relaxing moment of unforgettable beauty is created. In our busy lives, we need things to reduce stress, depression, and tension. When we decorate our living spaces with stained glass, we create healing livings spaces that have a positive impact on our well-being. By visiting the Marek Stained Glass Art Studio web site, you will not only have a chance to find interesting stained glass gifts for yourself, but also for your family and friends. If you have an idea for a piece of stained glass work, our studio will be glad to turn it into stained glass art. Please enjoy yourself by visiting all the sections of our website and thanks for stopping by.


The first-ever website was published in March, 2003


Picture Gallery

Gallery shows only small part of entire work done with own design and precision craftsmanship.


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