Marek Stained Glass Art Studio

The place where your ideas will be transformed into works of art

   20 years ago before Marek Stained Glass Art Studio was established in 1999, I've spent years experimenting with different kinds of arts. Finally I've discovered the beauty and endless possibilities of working with stained glass. For me it was very long way to be in the place where I'm now with my knowledge about work with glass.

Beside taking extra education from local college I've developed my craft through self education and passion. When in the year of 2003 I've have decided to go online with my first website it was again different call for me to have more skills in computer field. Since the start of my business I was website making person, graphic designer and I was still working on glass project. In 2004 I've started publishing a Free Pattern of the Month on this site. All my patterns were downloaded by visitors to my website Publishing patterns online it was good factor to bring more visitors to my website. After little brake from publishing patterns I will come back to it again very soon.

Business online job is very different from making business by direct contact with people. By using the Internet, I can reach not only my clients, but also the ever-growing family of those interested in stained glass around the world. Very big number of visitors have come to my website since it was opened in 2003. 

 By clicking on the “Gallery” button you can see just a small part of my work over these past  years.  Since I've started using a new production technique known as fused glass it was very challenging for me. This is a very interesting method of glass working and greatly extends my ability to make exciting new products for my clients.

Actually, the biggest challenge is coming now with my publishing new website. This website never was built in version to be published on mobile cell phones. Because I'm working on this web design project by myself only I'm very excited how everything will turn out. Well, again I'm entering into new area of my knowledge and new experience. I hope that visitors to my website will enjoy always now your visit by viewing me on your mobile phones. Especially some good investors will be happy to talk to me soon after visiting my other part of my website; Get Invested.


Marek Stained Glass Art Studio